Versatility Titles are available to Dalmatian Club of Canada members in good standing, whose dog has met the criteria listed below. You can only choose one award, the highest obtained title, from each category.

Versatility Certificate "VC" (Certificate)
To obtain a VC, you must accumulate 6 points from at least 3 different categories.

Versatility Excellent Certificate "VCX" (Medallion)
To obtain a VCX, you must accumulate 9 points from at least 3 different categories.

Versatility Champion Certificate " VCH" (Plaque)
To obtain a VCH, you must accumulate 12 points from at least 4 different categories. (Must include Conformation or Obedience title)

Point Categories
Conformation (CKC or AKC)
CKC/AKC Champion, 3 points.
AKC Grand CH, 4 points
CKC Grand CH, 5 points

Obedience (CKC or AKC)
Pre-Novice title – 1 point
Companion Dog (CD), 2 points
Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) 3 points
Utility Dog/ Obedience Trial Ch (UD/OTCH), 4 points
Grand Master or Master or Obedience Trail Champion Excellent (MOTCh, GMOTCh, OtchX), 5 points

Rally Obedience (CKC /AKC)
Rally Novice (RN), 2 points
Rally Advanced (RA), 3 points
Rally Excellent (RE), 4 points
Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE), 5 points

Agility (Dogs may use Title for either CKC or ACC)
Canadian Kennel Club
Agility Novice (AgN), 2 points
Agility Intermediate (AgL), 3 points
Agility Excellent (AgX), 4 points
Agility Master (AgM), 5 points

Agility Club of Canada
Starters (ADC), 2 points
Advanced (ADDC), 3 points
Master (MADC), 4 points
Agility Trail Champion (ATCofC), 5 points

Flyball Dog Excellent (FDX) or Flyall Dog (FB), 1 point
Flyball Master( FM or Flyball Dog Champion(FDCh), 2 points
Flyball Master Excellent (FMX) or higher, 3 points

Tracking (CKC)
Tracking Dog (TD), 2 points
Tracking dog Excellent (TDX), 3 points
Urban Tracking Dog (UTD), 4 points
Urban Tracking Dog Excellent or Tracking Champion (UTDX, TCh), 5 points

Road Trails (DCC or DCA)
Trail Companion, Coaching Certificate or Road Dog (TR.C, CC, RD) 2 points
Trail Companion Excellent or Road Dog Excellent (TR.CX, RDX), 4 points

Scent Hurdling
Scent Hurdle Dog (SHD), 2 points
Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent (SHDX), 3 points
Scent Hurdle Dog Champion (SHDCH), 4 points

Other Titles
Therapy Dog, 1 point
Temperament Test (TT), 1 point
Canine Good Neighbour (CGN), 1 point