May 10, 1997
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Well the 1997 Specialty has come and gone. We had a wonderful time in Winnipeg. Even though disaster surrounded us, consuming every Manitoban's thoughts with the flood that southern Manitoba received for the last several weeks, the Specialty was a success because we all took a break to celebrate the Dalmatian. I'd like to say thank-you to all those who supported our Specialty and sorry we missed you to those who couldn't make it.

It was wonderful meeting all the dal fanciers, putting a face to many of the names I've heard and sharing thoughts with those whose interests I share. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get around to everyone to get to know people better, but somehow my every minute was filled this weekend. I'm already looking forward to this year's DCA Specialty in Detroit and next year's DCC Specialty in Calgary.

Our Specialty committee owes many thanks to all those who donated time as well as those who contributed to the trophy fund, raffle, and auction. Thank-you: Lindsey Weedon, Susan & Al Cowell. Marie Dubois, Diane & Greg Fast, Luella Lee & Doug Lyons, Alex & Norma Reinhardt, Steve & Janet Kumka, Lori & Pete Davenport, Ruth Sutton, Betty Pirs, Craig Keeler & Danielle Dewar, Harald & JoAnn Liebe, Beverly Gauthier, Hilda MacFarlane, Mary-Lynn Jensen, Barbara Berst, Charlene Maines, Dawn West, Donna Comeau, Sherryanne Farr & Wes Daniels, Cheryl Lanzer, John & Bonnie Hetherington, Vivian Steme, Bill & Toni Nykiel, Susan Saul & Alain Rousseau (I hope I didn't forget anyone). We couldn't have put on this show without these people.

We also owe our gratitude to the many corporate sponsors whose support contributed to the quality of our Specialty.

Platinum Sponsor:

  • IAMS
  • Gold sponsors: Klynch Communications
  • Park City Products
  • Pro Active Information Systems
  • Prolific Group

Silver sponsors:

  • Innova Envelopes
  • Unisource Fine Papers
  • Westman Plastics

Bronze sponsors:

  • Barkwell Paper
  • Boretta Construction
  • A Brick Shirthouse
  • Henderson Animal Hospital
  • Lansard Brothers
  • Tuxedo Animal Hospital

As well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the Specialty committee members for their tireless effort and creativity in fashioning this show. Though many of our committee members are very active in the show world and have participated in many specialties, this show was the first dog show that any of our committee members had ever had the opportunity to plan. As novices we learnt a lot along the way and often had to call upon more experienced dog fanciers both in and out of the club for advice. We especially owe thanks to Barbara Berst and Susan Saul for all of their advice and support.

We were also blessed with several committee members who selflessly gave their time to this committee for the pure love of the breed, though they have little interest in actually showing dogs themselves. These people were without a doubt irreplaceable to our committee, as I am sure each member would attest to. They have our utmost respect and gratitude for they were role models for why it is so important to strive for sound Dalmatians, educated public and ethical well-informed breeders. I was very proud of the results of all of our hard work and am looking forward to the planning of next year' s booster with many new ideas in mind.

I would like to formally congratulate all the winners. There were many quality Dalmatians present which was a pleasure to see. The following is a list of all the class and breed winners. The statement of account will be submitted by the Show Chair, Luella Lee later this month. Thanks again to all who participated.

Yours in liver spots,

Danielle Dewar