2011 Revision

Section 1. Breeding

Breeding presents a great responsibility to each individual, as he or she can either upgrade or nullify many years of conscientious effort. No one can be compelled to follow any ethical code, but the breeder must be aware of his awesome responsibility.

The problems of our breed can be resolved only by discriminating and intelligent breeding programs. Breeding is to enhance positive qualities and cannot be expected to cover up serious faults. Therefore, breeding partners should be carefully investigated as per background and serious faults before a commitment is made.

The conscientious breeder will be guided by the following:

1. The health and well being of our dogs is first and foremost.
    a) Kennel conditions must be sanitary and a happy atmosphere provided.
    b) Breeding animals must be kept in top condition. High grade prenatal and postnatal care are essential to the health         of the dam and her puppies.
2. Breeding restrictions:
    a) Dogs with disqualifying faults should not be used for breeding.
    b) Dogs with major faults may be bred only with utmost caution.
3. DCC recommends Bilateral Deaf puppies be euthanized by a qualified veterinarian. If the breeder chooses not to do so then it is the breeders responsibility to ensure the dog is spayed/neutered and if placed will provide life time support to the puppy buyer as well as a life time return should the need arise. (This mainly includes the support the puppy buyer may need.)
4. DCC aims to breed Dalmatians of sound health, structure and temperament. The DCC recommends all puppies in a litter be BAER tested and results submitted to OFA registry and that all breeding stock be BAER tested for Bilateral hearing , free of Hip Dysplasia, CERF/Iris Dysplasia tested and be of sound temperament
5. The Dalmatian is an elegant and worthy dog. "Bargain" puppies are not a credit to the dignity of this breed.
6. Breeding should be done sparingly, as overpopulation is becoming a real problem, even in the pure-bred animal. When considering having a litter, one should be prepared to keep the entire litter or to put it down if necessary.
7. The prospective buyer should be screened before a sale is made. The breeder should be satisfied that:
    a) A safe and loving home will be provided.
    b) The buyer appears responsible enough later to evaluate the breeding potential to produce quality offspring.
8. Breeders should continue to offer helpful assistance to the puppy buyer, after the sale is made, for as long as aid is required.
9. Breeders agree to be responsible for any dog bred by them that is later found in a rescue situation. This responsibility may include fostering the dog and placing it in a new home, neutering or spaying, covering of financial costs, or, even euthanasia if it should be necessary.
10. Pet shops are dangerous interim's for puppies and therefore we should never sell to them.

Section 2. Exhibiting

Dog shows are meant to be an enjoyable experience. The obedience and conformation rings offer us and our professional handlers a great opportunity to be ambassadors of the Dalmatian.

1. Courtesy in the ring is a must.
2. Good sportsmanship is a must.
3. One should willingly offer helpful assistance to other exhibitors and spectators whenever requested.

Section 3. Education

Much can be done to improve the breed by offering helpful information to all Dalmatian fanciers.

1. Good intentions coupled with the lack of knowledge and misinformation are often responsible for the increase of inferior dogs. The D.C.C. members can do a great service by dispersing honest information regarding breeding, care and training.
2. When one is considering buying a Dalmatian, it should be understood that our dogs fit into many homes, but that there are exceptions. Also, there are some people who would do better with one sex than they would with the other.
3. All Dalmatian enthusiasts should feel welcomed and encouraged by D.C.C. members. They should be offered assistance in every way possible.